The Houthi movement and Saudi Arabia attacks against each other continue

The Houthi movement and Saudi Arabia attacks against each other continue

The Houthi movement founded in Yemen and Saudi Arabia have continued their attacks against each other even with the efforts of the United States and the United Nations to reduce the bloodshed. Backed by Iran, the movement attacked a Saudi oil rig last week. The attack has led to an increase in crude oil prices. 

The Houthi movement, which is supported by Iran, has repeatedly defended its attacks against Saudi Arabia-owned businesses because of their role in the Yemen war. Saudi Arabia is opposed to Iran’s increasing influence in Yemen, and it is pushing for the war to stop.  

Saudi Arabi has been blamed by multiple human rights organizations for its role in the war

Multiple human rights groups have blamed Saudi Arabia for its role in the Yemen war that has displaced millions of people and led to the death of thousands of people. Yemen is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis that has led to millions of children dying from hunger. 

The clash between Saudi-Arabia and the Houthi movement increased early this year when Jode Biden stopped supporting Saudi Arabia-backed groups operating in Yemen. The administration added that it would not stop supporting Riyadh from defending itself against external threats. 

The Joe Biden administration also removed the Houthi movement from a terrorist list that it was added to by Donald Trump’s administration. 

The Houthi’s have increased attacks against Saudi-Arabia oil industries 

The Houthi’s have increased attacks against oil industries owned by the Saudi Arabia government. Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s oil conglomerate, has been attacked by the group frequently. In fact, Aramco had to temporarily close in 2019 after an attack by the Houthi movement. 

The Iran-backed movement announced it was responsible for an attack that happened at an Aramco distribution plant earlier this month. The attack has not been confirmed by the company or Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia claims that the United States’ refusal to declare the group as a terrorist organization has emboldened the movement.


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