China have made themselves the kings of toy manufacturing due to the fact that Chinese have been given the possibility to have two to three children which in turn helps boost the demand for toys in China by adults for their kids. This brought about a value of 56.28 billion dollars for China just through the marketing of toys and hereby made them the world largest toy manufacturers in 2022


Actually, ever since the Chinese citizens income or earnings were increased and were giving the possibility for them to have 2 to 3 kids promoted the toy market to foster outstandingly. The toys were seen to have been the most demanded product especially around this year during the Singles day. If you are being told by a toy seller that he has a strong feeling  he can make a living just selling toys, then he has a good point. And this statement can be very much backed by the several researches that pointed out that toy marketing value is very much capable of reaching a value of 78.21 billion dollars in 2027, which is also being followed up by an annual growth of 6.80% and this is said be between the year 2022 and 2027. This alone made China the leading toy manufacturers in the world and just after them comes India in second place.


If you intend to venture into the toy business, it is very important for you as a seller to know what marketing strategy would promote their sales. There are mediums through which one can actually market their goods and improve their sales they are as follows:

  • The use of Chinese site such as Baidu
  • Make use of Chinese social media such as WeChat.

When the following mediums mentioned above are being used properly your sales ought to improve drastically.