Adrian Cheng holds several positions in the cities of Wuhan and Shanghai and has contributed a lot to their development. Would you like to know more about him? If so, here is an article that gives a bit of his life history. Read it for more details.

Birth and formation

To get to know him better, it's important to start from the base where it all began. Find out more about Adrian Cheng by clicking. Adrian Cheng was born in 1979 in China. Many people don't know this, but he is the child of the real estate developer known as Henry Cheng. Cheng Yu-tung is definitely his grandfather.  
To get to where he is today, Adrian Cheng has undergone many trainings in his country and sometimes outside his country. As you know, in entrepreneurship, you never stop learning. He is a man who is always looking for knowledge to develop new and more reliable strategies. To be able to succeed like him, you can follow him on all social networks and media to benefit from his expertise on a daily basis.

Professional life

Adrian is a great Chinese entrepreneur who has set up many projects. Most of them have been wildly successful all over the world. He is the General Manager (CEO) of the large company New World Development. In the same company, Adrian is Executive Vice President. Outside of this large company, he is involved in several other projects in China, especially in Hong Kong. 
He is an entrepreneur who continues to innovate day after day. That's why he has a large audience that admires him. Dedicated to his work, he follows through with his ideas. He organizes conferences around the world to inspire young people who want to be entrepreneurs like him. You can attend if the opportunity arises in your area.