There are many ways to make money today. One of these ways is to engage in sports betting on dedicated sites like 1xbet. Many people trust this bookmaker because of its seriousness. But to be able to make bets, you have to register. What are the registration methods on 1xbet? The answer will be served to you in this article.

Registration through an email address

The first existing way to register on 1xbet is to use an email address. How is the 1xbet registration going? Indeed, this first method consists of using your email address to register on this bookmaker in order to start making bets. The only condition for this to work is that this email address is accessible, that is to say that it must not be false in any way. When you choose this method, during the registration process, you will provide personal information. After that, a link will be sent to your inbox. You must use this link to confirm that you are the one wishing to register.

Registration by telephone

The second method is to use a telephone. This method involves providing your phone number. Here, the same condition applies. You need to make sure this phone number works. During the registration process, you will also provide information for confirmation. To confirm this information, you will receive a direct message on your phone. This message contains a code that will be used to confirm your registration.

Registration via messenger

With this method, you have the option of using your email address or social media accounts to sign up. Moreover, you can also use Facebook, Twitter and Telegram and many other accounts to access your 1xbet account. Nevertheless, the use of some of your personal data is essential. Now you can start by placing your bets for a maximum of winnings.