To eliminate bacteria and impurities such as grains of dirt, leaves or algae, every pool must be equipped with a water recycling system. To do this, let's take a look at the filters that are best suited to your needs.

The cartridge filter, for small pools

Each type of pool filter has a specific performance level. This is called the filtration fineness. This is expressed in microns. The lower the number of microns, the higher the efficiency of the filter. This is the most important selection criterion. Therefore, the cartridge filter review here is perfectly suited to small pools. 

Indeed, the cartridges are made of a synthetic or vegetable material that captures impurities in the water. In terms of maintenance, cartridge filters are environmentally friendly. In addition, the device does not take up any space, a serious advantage for the narrow locations of some ponds. Finally, it has a fairly good filtration fineness. The cartridge filter is cylindrical in shape and consists of a non-return valve and a removable cartridge that is loaded and arranged in a star shape. The tighter they are, the greater the efficiency of the cartridge. 

For greater efficiency, it is advisable to use a filter that is oversized for the volume of the pool. Use a soft bristle brush and a garden hose to clean the system. As this cleaning operation is quite long, it is preferable to have a second cartridge that is used alternately with the previous one. This way, the pool is always functional, even if there is no time to clean the clogged cartridge immediately.

The recycled glass filter, for a fine filtration of the pool

The use of a fine filtration system is interesting because it can reduce the use of chemicals. The result is very clean swimming water with a low content of micro-organisms. This makes the water healthier for users. Recycled glass is used in all types of filtration systems that use sand. In addition, this filtering material has a high backwash capacity, i.e. the time required to get rid of the captured particles. 

To effectively remove impurities and return clear water to the pool, there are various ecological, easy to maintain or perfectly autonomous filtration systems. To this end, these different pool filters all have characteristics adapted to the needs of each user.