Health insurance is first and foremost a form of coverage for you and your family in the event of illness. It is a mechanism that consists of taking care of a good part of the expenses that you will have to make in case of illness. Voluntary health insurance is then a form of insurance that concerns people who no longer have an activity.

What is the role of voluntary health insurance?

Like all other forms of insurance, it is a device that is put in place to bring some financial assistance to all those members. You need to click here to find out more information. It is the reimbursement of part or all of your health related expenses. These different expenses very often involve consultation and payment of prescriptions. It should be noted that the reimbursement of expenses is done on a certain basis. It depends on the health insurance option you have chosen. Voluntary health insurance plays almost the same role as other types of insurance. But it must be said that voluntary health insurance has a certain special feature. It covers the expenses related to the health of a certain person. This would mean that this form of insurance only covers a certain category of people. Voluntary health insurance is intended for people who are no longer covered by potential dangers that were covered by social security.

What types of voluntary insurance exist?

When it comes to voluntary insurance, we can say that there are many. Apart from the voluntary health insurance, we also have the voluntary insurance that covers the expenses related to old age. In this case we talk about voluntary old age insurance. This concerns people who are not affiliated to a pension scheme. Finally, there is the voluntary work accident insurance. This concerns people who are self-employed.