Waiting for results is a long time. Even more so in the case of owners of missing dogs. After making and sharing posters, they are forced to wait for the nets that are cast to pick up information. And therein lies the hardest part for their minds.

 The essential steps to take

More than a pet, dogs are considered an integral part of the family. So their disappearance becomes dramatic. However, there is hope and in this case, there are steps that can facilitate the return of your companion.

Indeed, the first few hours after the discovery of the disappearance are important and using them wisely can only increase the chances of your dog's return home. So:

  • The first thing you should do in such a case is to report the loss of your pet online on the national I-CAD file.
  • Then, you can go looking for your dog by the more common means we know: posters, asking your friends for help and posting on social networks.

Today, the Internet offers many conveniences. So, if you are in need of a service to find your pet: find out here!

 Contacting an association

The other option available to owners of missing animals is to ask for help from associations working in the field of animal protection. These associations are competent in this area and generally have more resources to find your pet quickly.

But the most important advice is to identify your pet as soon as you adopt it. This way, you will be notified immediately when your pet is found by someone else. In addition, you can choose between identification by tattoo and by chip.