A web agency is a structure that deals with communication on the Internet. Thus, their mission is to accompany customers in the creation and promotion of websites. Nowadays, there are a lot of agencies and each of them is different from the services they offer. Let's discover the different types of agencies and what they offer.

What are the different types of web agencies?

We differentiate web agencies on the basis of two main factors: the degree of specialization and the degree of technicality, you can see this for more details. Regarding the degree of specialization, a distinction is made between specialized web agents and full-service web agents. These types of agencies are specialized in a specific field of communication. For example, the creation of a particular type of website or a particular marketing approach. Full-service agencies have a particular approach that encompasses all facets of a web project. When it comes to technicality, there are web agencies with strong expertise in web development. Since websites are nowadays indispensable for companies, many web agencies now specialize in marketing and promotion. They are the ones who propose to their clients more innovative internet development strategies.

What are the services offered by web agency?

Whether the agency is specialized or full service, a web agency offers a number of services to its customers. Among these, there is the realization and management of the design of a website. This service is the property of the web project manager who is the coordinator of the agency. In addition to the implementation and management of the design of the project, web agencies also offer a service allowing the increase of the turnover of the companies. This service is provided by the business developer in the agency. As another service offered you have the visual creation of media of a company.