In recent years, attacks on Android devices have been increasing. These attacks are caused by the biggest hackers and have targeted thousands of victims. Fortunately, these attacks are detected by experts. This article tells you more about these attacks, so you are invited to read it thoroughly.

The most frequent attacks on Android since 2019

Attacks are becoming more frequent since 2019 on Android. Many users receive alerts that inform them about malicious apps. For more information, visit anti DDos. These apps have become a most secure way that attackers have used to hack into many information systems. The good news is that experts have put enough effort into detecting these attacks.

The widespread fraud campaign

In 2019, Human Security had published a report that an attack had been launched on the Android operating system. As a result, nearly 29 malicious apps were found on Google Play Store, a platform where thousands of Android users download apps. These thousands of users download these malicious applications to their phones.

When these applications are downloaded, the devices are connected to more than 650 million ads that run in the background of the phones. These attackers have used these ad methods to make a lot of money.

Further, an increase in data consumption is seen when these malicious applications are downloaded to the phones. Only users who connected via a WIFI network could browse better. The Any Light and Sling Puck 3D report was the most highlighted.

Any Light is a torch application that allows you to change torches on mobile phones to different colours. Almost 10,000 people have downloaded this application. Due to the various threats created by these applications, Google Play store has removed these applications from its platform to prevent downloads. NoteĀ : you must know that about attacks, you can fight it and will be free.