You have been talking to this person for several days or even months, and you like each other and have met several people. Unfortunately, you are not sure of what you feel, let alone what the person in front of you feels. You don't want to have false expectations. We are dedicated to helping you sort out your feelings and take the necessary actions.

Am I really in love?

Love is a deep feeling of affection that you feel towards someone. In this day and age, we sometimes find ourselves afraid to fall in love because it is a very powerful feeling that can easily affect our sense of decision. Before you embark yourself on buying a house with your new flirt, read more about how to buy a house here, you must first reassure yourself about the true nature of your feelings. Your body will give you all the clues you need to know the real nature of your feelings. The heart that beats wildly the famous butterflies in felt at the idea of seeing your partner. You can't keep your mouth shut when you're with him or her, and you want to tell him or her everything and his or her opinion probably means a lot to you. You love spending time with him and separation is complicated.

Okay, I'm in love but what about him?

You are sure of your feelings for your partner, and you want to spend the rest of your life with him. You want to go ahead and talk about your feelings, but you are afraid that the other person will say no. Before you do, it may help to check a few things about your potential partner's feelings. The first step is to look at the way he is looking at you. His pupils are dilated when he puts his eyes on you, this is a good sign. How does he understand you, is he considerate and kind? The most important thing is that he treats you with respect and consideration.