Your bathroom must be always clean for a good hygiene. So we can ask ourselves but what products to use for this. So follow us dear reader to the end.

White vinegar. 

It is our best ally to clean everything. For more information, click this link now. A natural champion in the fight against limescale, it effectively fights this invasive bathroom enemy, which gradually builds up everywhere and is often difficult to remove if it is not given regular attention. It is ideal for: Cleaning shower walls. They are very sensitive to water splashes and often develop lime marks, especially if the water in our area is hard . However, this phenomenon does not generally leave anyone indifferent. 

That's why we use white vinegar spray to clean them efficiently and preferably hot to increase the effect. A method that works perfectly regardless of the material of which our shower walls are made: glass, plastic or Plexiglas. After spraying, leave the product to work for a few minutes and rinse with clear water. If there is limescale, wipe it off with a slightly abrasive sponge. Not only will this restore the shine to the walls, but it will also eliminate the bacteria that like to cling to limescale. 


Black soap

Stain-resistant and earth-friendly, black soap is a must for cleaning the entire bathroom. It is a real care product of natural origin, which spares our health and preserves the softness of our hands, too often exposed to aggressive cleaning products. It is ideal for : Do our shower curtains look bad in the morning? It's time for a facelift... Black soap mixed with warm water easily removes dirt. 

Take a sponge and scrub. Nothing could be easier! And when the curtain is a little dirty, unclog it and put it in the shower or bath to clean it. We will find the stains and clean them with a clean black soap. After removing the stains, put the curtain in the washing machine (a normal detergent is suitable) and wash it at 40 ° or 60 °, depending on the material.