Professor and author of a number of books, Rapha Cohen is an entrepreneur who helps young people with their entrepreneurial projects. His assistance for young entrepreneurs has been a remarkable success. Here is an article that discusses a bit of everything about this actor. Browse it.

Rapha Cohen: who is he really?

An expert in the field of entrepreneurship and executive learning, Rapha Cohen is a serial entrepreneur who is also known in several fields. Speaker, freelancer and businessman, Rapha Cohen is also a professor and academic director of the MBA program. Taking advantage of his skills in entrepreneurship, consulting and investment, he accompanies business creators as well as large companies to increase competitive acquisition further. As a creative professional, he also supervises the entrepreneurship program at HEC in Geneva. 
Likewise, this specialist actor has been the mentor of several intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial projects that reveal many fields and professions. In one of his works, the author underlines that in order to obtain the vocation, it is important to find a balance between the search for performance and the need for equity and benevolence in order to obtain the integration of collaborators.

Raphe Cohen: his works

Raphe Cohen has been involved in several sectors of activity. He has taught young executives how to maximize the engagement of their teams by providing them with the right equipment to create and increase their professional agility. He has also published several books and articles on leadership and intrapreneurship whose hallmarks are questioning and the use of humor to invite out-of-the-box thinking. 
These books include Levers of Engagement, Project Management from A to Z and Winning Sales Tactics. Designing and leading a training course, Developing your personal marketing and Boosting your career with mind mapping are not to be ignored. 
This is the background of the great entrepreneurial actor Rapha Cohen.