Today, many people consult the Internet to find the solution to a problem. Search engines facilitate this by directing them to sites that can provide answers. However, there are many sites that deal with the same subjects. Owners are then forced to use search engine optimisation to get the first results offered to Internet users. Find out what the purpose of this optimisation is.

Main purpose of search engine optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) has one main goal. This is to make a site visible among the first results offered. It goes without saying that the search requested must be linked to the site's sector of activity. Indeed, when a simple Internet user has a search, he often consults the Internet. Search engines use the keywords contained in their request to provide them with suitable results. You look what i found on this interesting site. So, in order for a site to be suggested in the results, a keyword related to its sector of activity would first have to be contained in the Internet user's search. Imagine the number of possible sites he could have for each query. This reflects the value of optimisation. The most highly referenced sites will always be among the top results whenever a keyword related to their topic is searched.

Specific objectives of search engine optimisation

The main objective of search engine optimisation can be broken down into two specific objectives: increasing the number of referring domains and increasing organic traffic. - Increasing the number of referring domains When a site (A) sends an external link to another site (B), it is considered a referring domain of the latter. The more people click on this link, the more the site (B) will be visited. The increase in referring domains thus contributes to the increase in visibility. In addition, site owners often need to create hyperlinks that lead to other platforms. This way, they get referring domains. - Increasing organic traffic Another criterion that is highly valued by search engines for displaying the order of results is organic traffic. This is the total number of visits a site receives without advertising. It reveals its high visibility. When a site is highly visited, the search engines consider it to be in high demand. It is therefore naturally proposed in the first results.